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The top Custom Home Builder Tampa area is by far KHP Homes where there constantly going above and beyond to make sure that you get the one-of-a-kind custom, you deserve. If you are looking for a custom home for you and your family, please give us a call today and we will show up at your or new home side and go over all the different options that you are supposed custom home that suits your lifestyle. Whenever you first meet you and will spend and implement time getting to know you and your style in order to build a one-of-a-kind structure using our highest quality steel SIP panels. Still SIP panels earned 80% more efficient than your standard wooden posts. This is because they are insulated on their own and they also have lower labor costs. This is why we are such a wonderful company because we are able to help save you tens of thousands of dollars in the long run in regards to energy consumption.

The top Custom Home Builder Tampa be found right here at KHP Homes. We promise to go the extra distance they show your home is built exactly to your standards. If you have any questions comments or concerns please not hesitate to give us a call today. I know you’ll absolutely love working with us as we are the number one builder in the area today. Please give us a call today we will come out to your place and give working on his assignment you will absolutely will fall smitten Oprah. You will realize that we are not your typical construction contractors. We are more like your friendly family contractor. This means will always treat you fairly and honestly, it is bad business to overcharge customers and we promise to never do that.

For sure the best Custom Home Builder Tampa FL this KHP Homes. But don’t take my word for it. I would encourage you to going to Google right now and check out the reviews and ratings left by highly satisfied past clients. We’ll keep you apprised in up-to-date step-by-step through the entire construction process. This is we will never leave you the dark you know exactly where you stand regards your budget and time frame. Many other contractors seem to let you down and never truly have your best intentions at heart. But we are anything but average.

There many benefits to using still SIP panels. They cost anywhere from 20% to 25% more than your standard to inspect six-inch wood frames. However there many other benefits to the overall project costs that may be up to 30% lower than your typical construction costs. So although initially the steel beam seem to be little more expensive, overall it will be actually 10% cheaper or 30% cheaper than the traditional construction around. To don’t be afraid whenever I say steel SIP panels are 20% more expensive than wood frames, it all adds up the ending you’ll actually be saving money going with a steel SIP custom home rather than a cookie-cutter wooden home.

If you like to get started today please visit their website for more information at I know you’ll love working with our friendly contractors and subcontractors. Visit our website at or give us cultivate 1 (813) 421-5678.

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The number one Custom Home Builder Tampa Bay area, is hands-down KHP builders. We’re always striving to exceed your expectations 100% of time. We will go go above and beyond for you and you and your family will absolutely love to work with us today. If you’re looking for a reliable and a honest custom construction builder, you will find it right here at our headquarters at KHP Homes. We are Florida neatest and we know exactly what Floridians want to see in their custom homes. That’s a me we build your homes for you, we want your input because after all this is your custom home and not ours. Of course will build it up to our high construction standards, but we want your lifestyle input put into it as well. Because after all you are the boss.

The best Custom Home Builder Tampa company is a company called KHP Homes. We are highly regarded as being one of the most dedicated to delivering amazing custom homes. Signed up with us today. I would encourage you to visit our website at You may also give us a call whenever you’re ready to begin the consultation today at 1 (813) 421-5678. There’s not another home builder that delivers quite like us. You’ll be hard-pressed find another company that operates in this echelon. Please don’t hesitate to give us a call today and we would love to shop in your home, this business or future plot of land.

By far the top Custom Home Builder Tampa Bay Florida is KHP Homes. We something called steel SIP panels. They cost anywhere from 0 to 20% more than your standard 2″ x 6″ wood frames, but the tremendous benefits outweigh the initial extra costs. We can save anywhere from 20 to 30% on the friendly labor, 20 – 30% on faster installation electrical services. Will also reduce 30% of the job waste on site. This means we are able to deliver amazing services quickly and efficiently. We absolutely love her job and every single day we get to something new. Puppy the local people here in Florida getting together to build a wonderful custom home that family and they will enjoy for many many years to come. There’s not another company that operates at this high echelon and that is truth. But, if you don’t believe me I encourage go online and do a little research yourself. You’ll start see exactly why we are considered the best.

Many of our customers say we are extremely dedicated and perfectionists at heart. While we agree fact, we want to exceed our clients expectations every single time. You can rest easy at night knowing that KHP Homes is building your custom home with loving care. This is everything we do we do for the customer., Celebrities any sub quality materials or cut any corners simply because we want to put an extra dollar tuner pocket. This is the best in the business and we your satisfaction with the all of the performance indicators.

Whatever you imagine your custom home, we can deliver. Many people say that custom homes are extremely expensive and we much of skilled cookie-cutter, that is a bunch of nonsense. Custom homes are just that custom. To make an expensive or as inexpensive as you want. Please give us a call today if you like to get started with KHP Homes. You can reach us at 1 (813) 421-5678 or visit us online at