Custom Home Builder Tampa | looking to have your perfect home created just for you?

Custom Home Builder Tampa is something people consistently Google whenever they want to have a perfect home built for them with ideas in their mind. KHP Homes is the company want to go to time and time again deliver the best results possible for the short amount of time that they can do amazing things. Whenever you come to KHP Homes were not only going to deliver the results you expect, but we can overdeliver and have a result for you that’s going to be something that’s an absolutely blow your mind up in the day. Look online are five-star testimonials that we see over and over again and see that we overdeliver to every single person that we visit. We genuinely excited for every single custom home that we build due to the fact that we view every single home we build his art. Know for a fact that her customer satisfaction is guaranteed and you’re going to be overtly happy with the results that you receive from KHP Homes.

Custom Home Builder Tampa consistently looking for a way to make a green home. Whenever comes to building green homes we want to make sure that we have not only an amazing environmentally friendly house, but an energy-efficient one as well as going to save you on your monthly bills. Every single material that we put in your home is environmentally friendly, and it’s gonna make your home at least 80% less on the carbon footstep. Whenever you come to our homes you’re also going to be able to realize of the appliances that we plan on going to be insanely energy-efficient as well. The best part about this for you is the fact your energy bills everything a month ago go way down with the stuff that we put in. Help yourself in the environment by choosing KHP Homes.

Custom Home Builder Tampa specialize in making sure that smart homes are done correctly as well. We specialize in putting in smart homes for families who want amazing technology in their home from the first day they move in. When most home services choose one person to be able to do everything we actually hire a system designer that walks through all of the different technologies that you can have put in that’s custom-made to you. This means that if you want voice activation technology that can change your thermostat or even lock your doors you can have it, and if you’re looking for an amazing security system we have that too. Our security systems can do amazing things like control your cameras from your phone or even remind you if you forgot to lock the doors.

It consistently come to our company for our guaranteed 10 step process that make you be in the know consistently of where were at in the process of finishing her home. From start to finish you’ll know exactly where were at, what step were on, and about how long it is still we finish.

KHP Homes can be the best choice for you and your families dream home. If you like reach out KHP Homes all you do is give us a phone call a (813) 421-5678 or look at her website at

Custom Home Builder Tampa | do you have a perfect dream home in your mind?

Custom Home Builder Tampa are going to trying to be the best results possible when it comes to making your new home, but the only one who can properly deliver on this is going to be KHP Homes. You can see online time and time again with all the five-star views we consistently receive that your going to be blown away by the results that you can receive. Know for a fact that whenever you come to KHP Homes for your new home that they have a unique process to ensure you that all your ideas of what you’d like to be in your home are actually completed. We take pride in the amazing customer service that we provide and the quality of homes we built for people. We genuinely want to make sure that you know were excited to build your new custom homes because to us this is art.

Custom Home Builder Tampa are always trying to make the greenest homes possible. We as perfected this process by lowering the carbon footstep of your home by up to 80% compared to other homes in your area. We do this by making sure that every single material we use is EPA friendly and the appliances that we put your home are also environmentally friendly as well. The great part about this is that whenever your home becomes more energy-efficient it also becomes cheaper on your monthly bills and energy costs. Get excited for all the results that you can receive with your green home by coming to KHP Homes.

Custom Home Builder Tampa are trying their best to implement new smart home ideas. Know for a fact that whenever you come to KHP Homes that we’ve completely perfected this process of putting technology and homes. We want to make sure that whenever you move in that all of your custom ideas and designs for technology is getting run by our system designer. He’s going to integrate every bit of technology that’s put your home and make sure that it is perfect and systemized to you. It is a matter if you’re looking for voice activation technology or an amazing security system to be put in working to make sure that you’re happy with all the results that your C whenever comes to putting in technology your home from the first day that you walk in the door.

People are consistently looking for a company that can keep them updated on where the rat was building a new home as well. We have a happiness guaranteed at 10 step process that we follow every time we work with someone, and it allows you to know exactly the step phase and processor were at at all times. This means that you’re going to know where were at how much time it’s going to take to complete, and how much longer it’s going to take so you move in at all times.

Another whenever you go KHP Homes you to be insanely happy with the results of your seat. If you like reach out KHP Homes all you do is give us a phone call a (813) 421-5678 or look at her website at