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This content was written for KHP Homes

A smart home is lot more to some people and just a home smart home is one that you will be to use all the latest connect technologies to get the job done from the video doorbell all the way to the Roomba but is roaming your halls collecting all the dust that you forgot about. You know that you will be to I trust this Custom Home Builder Tampa to get your smart home job done. KHP Homes are to be the ones that were built to help you design the home that you have been wanting you will feel to trust our system designers that they will bill to choose the latest in cutting the technology for your own smart home.

For those that are needed to help reduce the current footprint by up to 80% we have a home for you and that is the green home discrete home will be able to help save you a lot on your energy bills as well most Custom Home Builder Tampa do not use the eco-friendly materials and they are does contribute to all the waste in landfills however KHP Homes will you be using the most eco-friendly materials that you could possibly ever dream of you know that you said Sammy and I know that energy is not going out your walls or through your roof or out of your bank account because of all the wasted energy. We want everyone to be old to enjoy the homes they live in.

We believe that all of our homes are luxury homes however we believe one of them really does take the cake and that is our luxury home you will deal to see the luxury that is flowing from these walls will be using some the best cutting-edge technology that will be up used during the construction of this home you will build to know of the quality and workmanship in the building materials because they will feel to last you your lifetime most Custom Home Builder Tampa do not employ such techniques.

We pride ourselves in the one the few companies that use the steel sip construction method that is replacing the traditional two by sixes and two by fours and replacing them with metal studs thus increasing your energy efficiency of your home by eight total of at least 35% the initial cost of the steps is up to 20% more however the overall cost to be saving director lifetime is enormous in comparison.

We would love for you to come to our websites that way you’ll bill to see the steel sips and also the quality of our homes that we are able to deliver to you. You can also see number testimonials from our satisfied customers as well as some home designs as well if you have any questions you know as soon gives a call at (813)421-5678 or easy also visit the website to schedule a time for us to meet and get started on your own dream home on Don’t delay getting us out here so that way we can give you the home that you have been wanting your whole life

Custom Home Builder Tampa | the captain of your home

This content is written for KHP Homes

Most Custom Home Builder Tampa companies are out there to make the most money as they possibly can while they are basically ignoring the cost of their actions on the environment we here at KHP Homes are employing some of the best eco-friendly building materials that we could use to build you your next luxury green home. We help reduce your carbon footprint to 80% and we will be able to with our material save you a lot on your energy bills as well we at KHP Homes are dedicated to making sure that you are living your wanting.

If I wanted an energy-efficient home and rather have a smart home one that you will be able to control from your smartphone more from a single device like a computer then you are in luck because this Custom Home Builder Tampa will be able to do that for you you will be able to see the technological pants that are used by us here you’ll bill to see and experience the wonders of the personalized home that is also simple and easy to use that way whenever your children are there or your grandchildren if you are inviting them over will be able to use as well.

We believe that one of her homes takes the cream of the crop when it comes to luxury homes and that is our luxury home series you bill the see the luxury that is oozing from these walls you will be able to see the top-of-the-line technology that was used by our stylist and our desires that way you build getting the S quality home one will last you your whole entire life. You will build the site what kind of art and what kind of style you want your home to be. Most Custom Home Builder Tampa do not use such techniques however we do

We use some of the most effective ways to build a home that is using steel sips they are metal studs instead of the wood studs used by traditional home builders they will be to help save you in the long run but they do cost you up to 20% in the initial start up however they’ll both the state you 48% on your energy efficiency your home feel to be finished framing of 30% faster as well as electrical work will be to go 20 to 30% faster depending on the electrician as well saving you time and money that way you move into your home that much faster.

If you’d like to see some of our custom homes that we have built using the steel sip method you can always visit our website on there will bill to see a photo gallery of all of our beautiful workmanship that we have to produce for other people also read testimonials of happy satisfied customers who have had work done from us