Custom Home Builder Tampa | smart phone to smart home

This content was written for KHP Homes

Are you try to find a smart home one that will be able to gets you the technology romances that you been looking for a tighter deal with the home that you have noted who’s coming to the front door or you do not have a rumba roaming your halls collecting all the little bits of dust and food crumbs from all the wild parties are having are you wanting to build to control the lights and locks from right from your phone within this Custom Home Builder Tampa will build to do that for you known as KHP Homes they will build you to smart home that you have been looking for.

If you are also looking for green homes homes that will be able to help the environment as well as help reduce the carbon footprint that you are leaving from your home by at least 80% that you are in luck because this Custom Home Builder Tampa will be able to catch you the deal of a lifetime and that will be able to build you the green home with all eco-friendly materials that means less waste in the landfills and more happiness so you have known that your help in the environments. You will be old to have the best quality home while the same time reducing your missions into the environments.

Or if you warning a home that screens luxury not literally screams it but home that will people look at it they’re like Dang that is a nice house then any old Custom Home Builder Tampa will not do only KHP Homes will suffice for a quality luxury home that will give you the quality workmanship as well as a home that will stand the test of time one that will be tailored to your every need and you will want to to come home to a night.

We also pride ourselves in the ability or the workmanship of our ability to use steel sips construction which are metal studs instead of the traditional wood into my six times in most construction companies use for all their needs they are up to 20% more expensive than the wooden studs however they will save you in the long run with all the energy and construction time that they will be saved. We want you to be of the see the quality workmanship and the homes that we are producing because we know that this workmanship will be the ones that you will all keep coming back to

If you have any questions or concerns or like to see some of our beautiful homes that you have seen the feel free to visit her website on or you’ll building us a call at (813)421-5678 where you will be able to contact with one of our associates directly and schedule time for you to come on out and help start building home of your dreams.

Custom Home Builder Tampa | going green

This content was written for KHP Homes

Most Custom Home Builder Tampa construction companies use the stick frame method which is using the two by fours and two by sixes from the house it is generally cheaper to do this way however it is not always the fastest way here at KHP Homes we are using the steel sip method which uses steel studs instead of the wooden studs which are 20% more expensive however they will save you the long run when it comes energy cost as well as they save you one time of the construction of the building by up to 30%. We know that the quality of the year steel studs will outweigh the slight elevated cost of it and we know that you will build to enjoy the energy seems as well from this quality workmanship.

All of our Custom Home Builder Tampa are built like this from our smart homes which are going to be loaded with some of the most technologically advanced devices that you could think of hallway from the rumba to the video doorbell to the ability to lock your doors and windows for the single click of a button from your phone to matter what kind of advances your way to make you know that our style desires will build to help make them and get them right on track. We want you to live in a home that is also simple and easy-to-use because we want you to enjoy the home you live in and not be frustrated by it.

If you do not want to live in a smart home then you would love to one of our green homes where you will be old to reduce your carbon footprint by up to 80% you know that you’re doing your part to help the environment other than just using reusable grocery bags or even a driving the Smart car previous. We will use the best eco-friendly kind of materials that way will have at least my waste that will be going into your new eco-friendly green home. We pride ourselves and this will most Custom Home Builder Tampa will not be old to match our kind of quality and amount of building.

If you want a home that is the of of most luxury then you’ll build to do this by going through one the best Custom Home Builder Tampa which is KHP Homes for your luxury homes you have the ability to do this by using us and he will build you a luxury home that will be built with the utmost technology and building advances as well as having a home that is stylish and one that’s will build a stand the test time and have all the memories that you want to home to be filled with.

If you have any questions or would like to visit her website to see a sample of these homes or steel sip constructions feel free to do this by visiting our website on or you can also is give us a call and one of our associates would love to talk with you that number is (813)421-5678