Custom Home Builder Tampa | you want a new custom-built home just for you and your family?

Custom Home Builder Tampa is something people consistently come to KHP Homes four. We are completely invested in making sure that every single person that has a home built for us is insanely happy with the results of me overdeliver every single time. It is a matter if you’re looking to have something crazy done or if you’re looking for something more modern we make sure that we sit down with you and find out all the ideas and what you’re trying to have and make it a reality for you. Whenever we build a home we take complete pride in making our custom homes due to the fact that we see these as art. We take pride in our custom amazing service and quality of homes we build.

Custom Home Builder Tampa consulate trying to find the best way to make a home make a green and energy-efficient. Whenever you come to Catesby company you’re going to see really quick that we have the greenest homes around. We use only EPA friendly materials to build your home, and whenever he put in your appliances are also environmentally friendly. We have the ability to even install net zero energy system for you if that’s something that you are interested in. No whenever you finish your home investor can be excited about the results you receive in helping with the environment and also your monthly bills.

Custom Home Builder Tampa wanting to build the best smart homes possible for their clients. The reason KHP Homes is better never one else’s we actually have a system designer that you work with whenever you have your smart home built. He’s going to run you through all the abilities and options you have to install in your home to make sure that the first day the you walk in everything that you want is already installed. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for the topknot security system to build and protect you and your family. He also has the ability to install varying arrays of home theater systems that’ll blow your family’s minds.

We have a step process that is guaranteed make ever seen one of our clients happy. The reason why we do this is a lot of people are not happy with other companies who can’t let people know exactly where the Ratner process and how long it is so a move in. You’ll know exactly where were out at all times and be happy with the results that we give you.

Catesby homes over delivers every time you want to make sure that you pick us. If you like reach out KHP Homes all you do is give us a phone call a (813) 421-5678 or look at her website at

Custom Home Builder Tampa | the time to update your home to something made just for you?

Custom Home Builder Tampa are sometimes hard to find whenever it comes to high-quality work and amazing attitudes of the company that you pick. However KHP Homes gonna be the number one company to get you to receive optimal results on your dream home being built this for you. Catesby goes above and beyond to make sure that they sit down and get every single idea wish and desire you have for your new home and implemented swear you have a perfect home for you whenever they’re finished. You can lime times I’m going to get five-star views traversing a person that they work with just because of the amazing work ethic and skills of a put into finishing homes. We genuinely get excited to build unique homes because the us our job as art. We take pride in our amazing customer service and quality of homes that we build.

Custom Home Builder Tampa is something that KHP Homes is known for whenever it comes to making smart homes. Whatever comes a smart homes we actually hire system designer to sit down with you and find out what you want technology wise inside her home. He guides you through all the options that are available to you and make sure that whenever you move in from day one there already implemented. This comes in the form of finding the most topknot security system to protect you and your family. He also was able to put an amazing home sound systems to make your mind blown whenever you watch movies.

Custom Home Builder Tampa are constantly looking for the best ways to build green homes. We specialize in making green homes for every family that we build a home for. Whenever you come to us were to make sure we use only materials that are EPA friendly and reduce your carbon footprint to your home. Whenever you come to us were also going to install amazing appliances that are energy friendly as well. The great part is whenever you help the environment you’re also helping your utility bills as well. So at the end of the month you have more money in your bank account whenever finished. Know when it comes get the best results to helping the environment in your wallet that KHP Homes the one you choose.

We also have a 10 step guarantee process to make you happy as well. People get fed up with other companies not letting them know where their and the process and how long it’s to take for them to move in. There since the processor going around all times and we can give you an estimate of when you’re gonna be able to move in to keep you happy at all times.

Look no further KHP Homes to build your home. If you like reach out KHP Homes all you do is give us a phone call a (813) 421-5678 or look at her website at Know for fact that whenever you come does your gonna be insanely happy with the results of the delivery time and time again.