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Building stronger faster energy efficient eco-friendly homes that’s what we believe in here at KHP homes with custom home builder Tampa we not only is believed the atmosphere reflects you personally but we want to help build your future life and your family and your dreams is with these homes we take pride in our customize design that will fit always for me to go above and beyond what you expect where hard-working team in our main drive making customized housing affordable to be every day man.

With custom home builder spanking you as much bang for your buck as possible is why we believe in building with steel SIP panels. We spent the last decade for finding a constructional process we are able to be our rifles prices clients have reported significant savings on their monthly energy bills and on insurance. The benefits include there is no need for additional insulation so his face up to 80% reduction in monthly energy bills there’s less prone to mold growth and dust mites with the which is a plus especially if you have children or other lipids in your home is 30% less self tools structural lumber sent to landfills. Keeping a eco-friendly low slope roofing requires no venting is 30% reduction of on jobsite waste.

We believe in helping the environment keeping everything eco-friendly cleaning here at KHP homes and custom home builder Tampa. Which is why we help keep production down by 30% for on jobsite waste our homes are up to 50% more efficient and smaller or no air purification systems provide better indoor air quality for sure percent provides homes which gives you the ability to have up to date technology integrated to the systems of your home which is picked and designed our professional in the olden times that of so keep up to date with our designs we way of completing tasks. And in my bike to keep it simple to create your personalized and gauging home environment.

Essential steps for some can keep things first as we invite you to sit in the consultation to make the process easy peezy lemon squezy. Simple that even a child do it with this free consultation down with and to what extent After that we paid for our work person inside features you want home. From there we have the design board and start drawing everything out and writing the construction agreement so that we can make sure everything fits financially within your budget and that were both on the same page to making this wonderful journey to building your dream home country. Then we’ll put our plan review will drop contract and closing agreements and then start building an exciting and exhilarating process we love helping you need to to build its ready for that we want to make sure that you stay nice and safe the warranties of up to 10 years take care of any mechanical problems

Give us a call at (813)421-5678 take advantage of offer of a free consultation and sit down with you and talk with you fixed outstanding process anxiety free site to to register a chance to win free upgrades of the best offer anyone ever give you consider custom built we strive owning a home the best experience you can ever have!

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this content is written for KHPHomes

Are you looking for a fast and efficient way to customize your home or even to find a move-in ready home that will fit your needs custom home builder Tampa has got you covered we pride ourselves in our friendly and welcoming customer service as well as being able to understand the desires and needs of our clients as we can point them in the right direction or help them get to their destination hand-in-hand. We utilize eco-conscious engineering practices styling cues unique design

Outstanding professional designer are able to meet with you. And really able to understand what you dreams are individually. Custom home builder tampa I the fact that we can offer you a variety of custom homes depending on your needs we understand the home where the heart grows we build long-lasting friendships and create some of our most happy memories. We want to make sure that you experience we provide the most beneficial wholesome services in the world we offer customizable homes reaching from homes that are more eco-friendly cutting edge technology and being able to reduce your carbon footprint help save the environment or if you want something more up-to-date with technology and we offer smart homes and she had his handpicked to get you crave more clear we have hold that the more modern outstanding by your home

We build better stronger foster homes due to our environmentally friendly steel panels are more high energy efficient when compared to more traditional stick framed panels as a result were able to build homes and not only viable competitors houses make sure that the prices are low enough and well within your budget not only that but you save on monthly energy bills and on insurance. Some of the benefits between FIP versus sticks overall project costs and savings you will save between 20 and 30% on framing labor 40% savings on HVAC system due to tighter seals there will be an increase in production jobsite waste there’s no both lumbar or need to shim. Custom home builder Tampa is 48% more efficient than other competitors in the area.

We provide the strength that you need with 20 to 30% stronger in terms of maximum weight load statement to 55% labor savings up to 80 thanked production energy bills on all receiving all in all your savings will skyrocket. You want that you making your dreams become reality will not break the bank which is why right now if you register we are offering up to 15,000 free repairs any better than that. Because being great builders is not mean how many houses he can get built but the quality of homes that you build your work ethic

Getting started with custom home builder Tampa today so give us a call at (813)421-5678 schedule that free consultation today or go online to register patient into an up to 15,000 free upgrades. We know your home is where your heart is to Zweifel weren’t that you are integrated into our as easily as possible. We want to give you atmosphere where you can create memories feel happy and make your dreams come true.