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Find Custom Home Builder Tampa Florida right here at KHP Homes. There constantly going above and beyond to make sure that your home is built exactly to your standards of design and high-quality work. You’ll not find a better builder in KHP Homes as they are the highest rated and reviewed here in the area. If you have never heard of steel SIP panels, I highly encourage you look into it. But in Florida, you understand the constant humidity he can wreck havoc on your home. This is why the traditional 2″ x 6″ wooden does tend to warp and carrying much quicker here in Florida’s climate. This is when KHP Homes got a brilliant idea. What if we built homes to stay only water damage but the immense humidity. And not steel SIP panels were born.

You will find Custom Home Builder Tampa right here in our backyard at the legendary company, KHP Homes. They are striving to deliver some of the most beautiful and luxurious homes we have ever seen here in Florida. I guarantee you’ll love working with these empathetic and dedicated custom home builders. Whenever you first sign up with KHP Homes, they’ll spend extensive amounts of time talking with you and your family. Getting to know your lifestyle, what you’re looking for in a home and why you decided spilled custom home. Whenever you give them this information able take it back to the drawing board and begin designing and implementing your brand-new steel beam house. There many benefits to using steel SIP panels over the traditional would post. You’ll save about 20 to 30% on installation and a labor compared to the traditional wood beams.

Are you looking to find Custom Home Builder Tampa will yet come to the right place here KHP Homes. They are the standard for excellence here in Florida. You’ll not find another home builder that is as dedicated and committed to exceeding your expectations as KHP Homes. Just not tell you absolutely love working with these contractors as they are striving to deliver a work of art quickly and efficiently for you and your family to enjoy for many years to come.

When I mention the word contractor, many people shudder and freak out. Because most people a not so pleasant experience of contractors in the past. But here at KHP Homes they are anything but your average contractors. You can tell they truly care about you and want to deliver some the highest quality design and construction work in the industry today. You’ll not be able to find a more efficient and effective builder than KHP Homes here in Florida and that is a guarantee.

Your first free consultation with KHP Homes, they will get together with their designers and start drawing up your new custom home. You’ll be blown away by the level of detail that goes into each and every home as they never miss a single detail. This is because they have decades worth of experience and they know exactly what they are doing. So rest easy at night knowing that your home is being built by the very best in the industry here at KHP Homes. If you like to get signed up today please visit their website at or feel free to get their customer care call at 1 (813) 421-5678. Happy Building.

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Well I have the perfect builder for you. He was KHP Homes they going to great Heights make sure that your home is built exactly how you envision it. This is because they have an innate ability to extract the ideas and information your head and put it down on paper. You can tell that these contractors truly care about delivering some the highest quality products around. I’m not messing around, you will absolutely love your new custom home whenever KHP is at the helm. Please don’t reach out to any other home builder before reach out to KHP homes. All others will fail in comparison. This is because they are constantly going above and beyond their competitors in order to deliver the most beautiful and luxurious homes here in the Florida area.

Find Custom Home Builder Tampa right here at KHP Homes. They utilize something called steel SIP panels, these costs anywhere from 0 to 20% more than the standard 2″ x 6″ studs, but the benefits greatly outweigh the initial 20% more in materials. Here in Florida humidity is a killer. This can warp wood, Rockwood and disintegrate your home’s foundation quickly. It is exactly why KHP Homes decided to switch the script begin used steel panels instead. We still panels are water resistant and can even hold up against hurricane floods. Not only are they more sturdy than would, but they offer many energy benefits. You can save up to 80% on your monthly energy bills. Think how much money you’ll save in the year, five years, 10 years? The benefits greatly outweigh the additional 20% cost and that is a promise.

Have you been trying to Find Custom Home Builder Tampa they Florida area? Well, I understand that you have many different options for choosing a honest and reliable homebuilder here in Florida. But all other contractors I’ve ever known or met here in Florida cannot deliver as quite as well as KHP Homes does on the regular. I encourage you to give them a call today and see exactly how they can construct a one-of-a-kind custom, luxurious home for you and your family to grow old. You’ll absolutely love building custom home with KHP Homes as they are the number one builder here in Florida.

You’ll save thousands if not tens of thousands of dollars in labor costs on the building of your new home whenever you switch over to the deal SIP panels. Not only that, but you can cut your energy bills down by 80% or more. That is truly amazing. They are also 20 to 30% stronger in terms of maximum weight load in their traditional counterpart of 2″ x 6 ” wood studs. So all around your skin a superior products whenever you sign up with KHP Homes. They work quite efficiently and making get your home done quickly than any other home contractor have ever met. This is because this is not the first rodeo they have built many homes previously.

It’s like more information on how to get signed up with KHP Homes today I would encourage you to visit their website. On the website you will be able to see their process, the benefits of steel SIP panels and even some testimonials. Their website is You may also give them a call whenever you’re ready to move forward with their unbelievable service at 1 (813) 421-5678.