Green Homes

Eco-Conscious at the Core

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We only have one planet earth. That’s why we build homes with eco-conscious materials and utilize sustainable energy measures.

KHP Homes are not only designed to withstand the test of time, they’re also made using environmentally-friendly materials and incorporate LEED and EPA recognized, energy-efficient building methodologies. Our Steel SIP homes utilize up to 80% less energy than traditional homes, before incorporating sustainable energy. With the addition of solar panels and back-up batteries, we are able to create net-zero energy homes, you’ll be proud to hand down to future generations.

Green Initiatives


LEED Certified

U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC)

Energy-Star Certified

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

Net-Zero Energy Homes

The Zero Energy Project

Home Insulation

Proper Insulation to Reduce HVAC Costs & Noise Transference

Solar Thermal

Harness Solar Energy to Heat Water & Your Home

Double Pane, Low E Glass Windows

Reduce Outside Noise, Drafts, and Heating/Cooling Costs

6″ Steel SIP

Tighter Air Seals and Increased Structural Integrity & Air Quality

Water Management

Prevent Water Damage & Environmental Growth

Energy Star Certified Appliances

Reduce energy consumption by 50% vs 10 Year Old Models

Strategic Landscaping & Clearing

Cool Your Home Naturally to Reduce Energy Consumption

Duct Sealing

Reduce Air Leaks and Properly Direct Heated/Cooled Air

High-Efficiency HVAC

High SEER Multi-Zone Heating & Cooling Systems

Energy Efficient Water Heaters

Reduce Energy Usage with High-Efficiency or Tankless Heaters

Optimum Value Engineering

Reduce Cost by Reducing Wastage with Efficient Planning & Management

Solar Panels

Reduce Dependence on Fossil Fuels and the Power Grid

Tesla Powerwall

Store Solar and/or Off-Hour Energy for Daytime Usage

Energy Efficient LED Lighting

50-75% Reduction in Energy Usage vs Incandescent Bulbs