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Building better, stronger, faster due to energy-efficient and environmentally friendly Steel SIP panels.

Steel structural insulated panels (SIP) are generally known and accepted as being more energy-efficient when compared to traditional stick-framed construction. However, higher percieved cost has been a major deterent for most builders and home owners. At KHP Homes, we have spent the last decade refining our building process with Steel SIP panels in mind. As a result, we are able to build Steel SIP homes at prices that rival our competitors’ stick-framed houses. Best of all, our clients report significant savings on insurance and monthly energy bills.

Benefits of Steel SIPs


SIPs v Sticks : Overall Project Costs & Savings

A Steel SIP KHP Home Currently Under Construction

Depending on the region, Steel SIP panels may cost anywhere from 0-20% more than standard 2×6 stick framed construction. However, due to its many benefits, overall project costs may be up to 30% lower.


  • No need for additional insulation
  • 20-30% savings on framing labor
  • 20-30% faster installation of electrical
  • 30% reduction on job-site waste
  • 40% savings on HVAC system due to tighter seals
  • Predictable design means faster installation and less interest paid
  • No bowed lumber or need to shim
  • Sub-contractors start working faster due to faster dried in time
  • Low slope roofing requires no venting
  • Smaller or no air purification systems due to better indoor air quality
  • Up to 48% more energy-efficient
  • 20-30% stronger in terms of maximum weight load
  • 30% less salvagable structural lumber sent to landfills
  • Up to 55% labor savings
  • Better control over air quality due to tighter seals
  • Less prone to mold growth and dust mites
  • Up to 80% reduction in monthly energy bills*
  • Savings on home owners insurance

*Based on internal research comparing energy consumption between our Steel SIP office building versus our neighbor’s indentically designed CMU/Wood office building.

Our Steel SIP Homes

Smart Home Interior Design by KHP Homes

Built from the ground up with integrated technologies, hand-selected by our system designer, to create a personalized and engaging home environment. Designed with simplicity and ease-of-use in mind.

Green Home Exterior Design by KHP Homes

Put energy-efficiency at the heart of your home with LEED and EPA recognized building standards and eco-friendly materials. Reduce your carbon footprint by up to 80% or go all in with Net Zero Energy.

Custom Luxury Home Design by KHP Homes

Home is where the heart is. So, let the heart decide what home should be. Explore unlimited possibilities through artisinal, modern styling, in combination with, cutting-edge technology and sustainable building methods.